Concept:Adjustable Compact Kitchen=ACK


It is good that the compact kitchen is adjusted to the person who would like to use it . And,when not using it, it’s better not to stand out. Adjustable compact kitchen proposes a style in a new kitchen,unlike order kitchen.Like a PC which is in demand respectively with a desktop system and notebook-size.


Top board closed & The minimum height

Top board open & The maximum height

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”ACK” was designed for Sanwa Company Design Award that was the theme of compact kitchen. What is required for a compact kitchen ?…. As one of the answers, I proposed the kitchen that can be adapted to anyone, which is different from a full-order kitchen made for someone. It can be adjusted height to fit someone use it, and become a desk when not using as a kitchen.
It is a versatile kitchen suitable for various places including the bed room,not only kitchen, and can be adapted to various kinds of residences and people.

As the height is adjusted, scenes that you want to cook on sitting down, and scenes where children can help with cooking are also assumed. The shape as a desk where a knee under the sink enters has possibility the kitchen that can be used by wheelchair users. I designed that the height adjustment function & the variability of kitchen ⇔ desk were crammed in a simple form.

I hope that this new compact kitchen makes it possible to discover new needs for living.


 2016 / ACK ~ Adjustable Compact Kitchen

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